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The Boston Terrier is known as a very intelligent dog – sometimes too much. Their lively, gentle nature makes them very lovely, although sometimes their stubbornness and hyperactivity can give headaches to their owners. However, every time you get angry with them, you can’t help but melt when they look at you with their big eyes that seem to say: “I love you”.







Although the Boston Terrier is small, it is strong and muscular. They have smooth, shiny and straight hair and white patterns, so they look like they are wearing a tuxedo, which earned them the nickname “American gentlemen”. Their ears are erect and relatively large. Although their eyes are quite wide apart, it does not look awkward on them, but, on the contrary, makes them look even more beautiful. Boston Terriers have a broad, flat face without wrinkles. They belong to the type of short-headed dogs.

Like other short-headed dogs, their lower jaw is proportional to their body, but they have a smaller upper jaw that gives them that “flat” look. They have a slightly curved chest line, their breasts are wide, their tail is short and they are generally strong and “cubic” in appearance.





These dogs are small, lively and gentle in nature, which makes them a dear pet. They love children and enjoy entertaining people with their unique looks. They are especially good as pets for the elderly and people living in apartments. Yet from time to time they can show the lively nature they inherited from their ancestors, terriers.







Boston Terriers, in terms of weight, are divided into three groups – under 7 pounds, 7-9 pounds and 9.5 to 11 pounds. Their average height in the neck area is 30 to 45 cm. No matter the weight, they are always solid builds, never skinny and weak.






Known as the “American gentleman”, the Boston Terrier is lively and smart, with a mild temperament. However, sometimes he can be very stubborn, so it takes dressage to become obedient.

Like any dog, the Boston Terrier needs early socialization – making contact with many different people, places, sounds and experiences while young. Socialization means that the puppy will grow into an obedient dog.









The Boston Terrier is known for its liveliness, but still does not require too much exercise. When it is indoors, it is quite inactive and therefore suitable as a pet for people who live in apartments and do not have a yard. They like walking and playing in the yard, but they are still more adapted to the closed space; therefore, even if you have a yard, it is better to keep it in the house. Keep in mind that this race is bothered by great heat or cold.




These dogs are sensitive to your commands and punishment can make them withdrawn, so training should be mild and motivating. Use positive techniques such as rewarding good behavior with food or play.



Hair, color and care


They are nicknamed one of the breeds of dogs with the most beautiful hair; The Boston Terrier has soft fur that appears in three colors: black, indigo (it looks like black, but the sun reflects a purple glow) or “tiger” (darker shades of orange). However, whatever its color, the hair around the muzzle is white and the whole face and chest are lighter, hence the association with a tuxedo.

The Boston Terrier is not demanding in terms of care. Brush it once a week with a hard bristle brush and use dry “bath” detergents for cleaning or bathe them when necessary. Since their eyes are large and almost bulging, pay special attention to them; clean their face every day and check if their eyes are irritated by something. .

They shed relatively little, so you can solve this problem with regular combing.



Brush their teeth at least two or three times a week to remove bacteria from their mouths. It is also advisable to brush your teeth daily to prevent gum disease and bad breath.

If their nails do not fall off naturally, cut them once or twice a month to prevent unwanted scratches and similar problems. If you hear your nails touching the floor, it means they are too long. The nails on the dog’s paws have blood vessels in them, so be careful; don’t cut them too much as this can cause bleeding and your pet may run away the next time he sees a nail biter. If you are not sure how to do this, consult your veterinarian.


The average lifespan of a Boston Terrier is 13 to 15 years.




Size The Boston Terrier is a breed that occurs in a variety of sizes. The largest among them should not weigh more than 11 kg.


The hair is short, it can be black with white or black with white markings..


The Boston Terrier does not need much care. It is enough to cover the hair with a soft glove or brush. clean his ears and keep his nails short. Periodically clean the wrinkles on his face with a special lotion for this purpose.


These are intelligent, determined, sometimes unrestrained dogs. They have a developed sense of humor, they are playful, full of self-confidence, sensitive, they are excellent watch dogs, but they are not barking.


Boston Terrier is easy to train and educate because he is intelligent, loves to learn, and quickly understands what is required of him. They are very sensitive to the tone of your voice.

Social behavior

As a rule, these dogs get along well with other dogs and pets, as well as with children.


The Boston Terrier does not need long walks, but it will follow you wherever you go. They are not too heavy, so if they become too strenuous or too hot, you can carry them home without major problems. They like to play..